Medical Kits 

Strategic Lab Partners can handle any supplies needed for a multitude of medical needs. With the best materials possible, Strategic Lab Partners is able to design, develop and distribute custom medical kits to fit the needs of medical professionals and patients everywhere.

Custom Medical Kit FulFillment

Protection and safety of the patient is top priority for Strategic Lab Partners. Strategic Lab Partners has the ability to ensure privacy for each and every patient who uses a medical kit fulfilled by the company.

You can only use one test per need. One test providing multiple answers on different health concerns may cause for overlap or incorrect results, so each situation should be handled separately with different medical kits. Strategic Lab Partners strives to only provide accurate, sincere answers to patients and doctors working to use these medical kits for specific answers. Right now, tests are helping us track Coronavirus patients and patients need these tests to be accurate.

Customizing your Medical Kit

Customizing your kits is very important. When you allow Strategic Lab Partners to design and organize a custom medical kit, you’re able to put your personal stamp on the equipment. Why not make sure your medical kit is the one and only of its kind?

Right now, we are facing a pandemic that has impacted the entire world. Strategic Lab Partners is crafting the proper COVID 19 Testing Materials and helping to ensure there are enough tests to go around for the individuals who need them.