Natural Health Options Can Keep You From Getting Sick

Staying well and fighting off illnesses does not have to be expensive. All of the natural health cures that you need to get better quickly are probably well stocked in your kitchen already! It’s easy to run out to the drug store and grab a few boxes of medication when you feel the sniffles set in because it feels like the drugs are a magical cure. The cold has been killed! Natural health remedies can help you stay well, save you money and save you quite a lot of time that would otherwise be spent trying to decide which over the counter medication would do the most good.

Water is essential. There is more to drinking water than getting the proverbial six to eight glasses a day that we all need to survive. If you suffer from headaches, increase your water intake-you’ll feel better faster than you would if you popped a couple of pills. A lot of people get headaches because they are not properly hydrated. Simply drinking some water can cause that headache to fade. Drinking your water is not the only way that you can get water to help you. Sitting in a hot bath can help relieve some of the symptoms of a cold or flu and is great for helping someone to break a fever. The hot water helps to relax the muscles and induce sweating. Sweat is how your body does its own temperature regulation as well as how it brings fevers down.

Oranges and orange juice aren’t your only sources of vitamin C! You can get vitamin C from vegetables too! So, when you’re feeling under the weather load up on salad and greens as well as downing a few glasses of orange juice. Other citrus fruits contain vitamin C as well, so change out your orange juice for some lemonade or limeade.

Bell peppers are another good source of this essential vitamin so why not chop some up and toss them in your pasta sauce? The addition of the peppers won’t just make your food tastier it will help boost your immune system as well.

You’ll want to introduce ginseng into your diet as well. Ginseng can be found pretty simply: you can buy diet supplements, foods that contain it and there are plenty of ginseng-based teas available as well.

Instead of waiting until you come down with a cold to go out and get some ginseng, start eating ginseng infused foods now so that you can possibly hold off the illness altogether. If you don’t feel well, brew some ginseng tea. Not only does the ginseng help you get better but the warmth of the tea can soothe a sore throat and the steam from the cup can help clear up your sinus passages a little.

There is no rule that says you have to go the drug route when you get a cold or the flu. Why not choose from the natural health cures that you have filling your kitchen already? Don’t spend a bunch of money and time on something that does not require it. Choosing natural health cures just makes more sense.

About the author: Jesse Edwards