Medical Kitting Services

Kitting, in general, refers to assembling all of the aspects needed for your medical kit. We mostly focus on kits containing DNA collection gear, but we can assemble just about any kit you may need! Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to all things kitting related. You should let SLP handle all aspects of the kitting process for you — from package design and production to e-commerce setup and fulfillment. It’s all but impossible to do all of this on your own, we are experts when it comes to all of the steps involved in this. We can even design custom packaging directions for your kits, so they are truly yours and something special. We can help you stand out from a very dense crowd.

Custom Kitting

Our custom kitting capabilities include customer branding and easy-to-follow instructions to help improve return rates, test accuracy, and ROI. And we’ll update you every step of the way as we meet your exact specifications and deadlines. It’s important to us that everyone stays informed on all steps of the process, we don’t want anyone to be in limbo or guessing at what’s happening. We keep close track of every little thing that we put in our kits, and the kits themselves once put together.

Our medical kits can be configured and used for any variety of different uses that you may have in mind for them. We always try to do a trial run before we do a final official run of your kits. This is just so you can actually get the chance to hold it in your hands and look at it. You can plan and look at as many pictures as you want, but nothing compares to actually holding the product in your hand.

Kitting Process

Once we have your go ahead on our trial run, we’ll get started on production! We again keep you updated all through the process, and it should be done within a short amount of time! Following production, out IT teams work with you to start integrating automation. Next, order fulfillment is handled at our FDA approved fulfillment facility, and from there we offer flat-rate shipping and simple sample delivery to your lab straight from the mailboxes of customers. Lastly, our tracking & reporting system tracks all of your packages and generates real-time reports for you, so you’re never out of the loop. It’s important for everyone’s peace of mind that you know how things are looking in the grand scheme of things.

When you use a professional medical kitting service, you can count on your kitting job being done completely, thoroughly, and correctly. Whatever markers you’re testing for, we can get your kit in front of customers in a professional and timely manner. We’re happy to work with anyone with special request or needs. So if you need a professional medical kitting company, you need Strategic Lab Partners.